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About us

  • Pedro Pernías Peco

    Licensed on Education Science by the Pontificia Comillas University. Education-applied New technologies and Multimedia Systems professor on the Software and Computing Systems department. He is assistant director on the Multimedia Engineering Grade at the University of Alicante. He has been content manager of Recursos en la Red, content and e-learning manager of Universia and technic colaborator on the renovation project of the Miguel de Cervantes virtual library.

    Among other interests, we can find anything about the use of IT on education area, the audiovisual productions and the photography. He is always connected, so you can find him on twitter @ppernias.

  • Sergio Luján Mora

    Computer scientist and Computer science Ph.D. by the University of Alicante. He develops web applications since 1998 and he teaches how to do it since 2001. He has developed web applications with CGI, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion and other stranger things that he does not event remember. For one year he prefers to use PHP, not because it is the best technology, instead because he does not need anything better.

    Since 2004, he lives by Web Accesibility and he tries to expand its use to the whole world. You can find him writing something on his blog Web Accesibility or publishing a video on his YouTube account. You can also find him on Twitter @sergiolujanmora.

  • Adrián González Martín

    Computer Science student on the University of Alicante. He is intern on the Software and Computing Systems department, besides to participate on the MSP and uCoach programs of Microsoft and to be .NET Club coordinator on the university. He loves anything related with computers, technology and any new thing about development, specially on web development. He has worked with things like PHP, .NET (ASP, and Desktop and Windows Phone apps), Java or C++. But now he is specially interested on wep applications development with Python.

    His main hobbies are listening music and riding bikes. And also he loves to get his backpack and travel around the world. You can contact him on his twitter @kaseyo23 or his email address kaseyo23@gmail.com

  • Carlos Carrillo Boj

    Computer Science student on the University of Alicante (4th year) and intern on the Software and Computer Systems. He also coordinates de .NET Club of the university and belongs to the MSP and uCoach programs of Microsoft. He has developed many applications with .NET (for Windows Phone and Windows 8), but now he is focused to web development.

    He loves new technlogies, but you can find him also with his bike or skiing on Sierra Nevada. You can contact him on his twitter @3lcarry or his email address 3lcarry@gmail.com

  • Martín Candela Calabuig

    Computer Science student since 2009, but passionated about computers since 1996. He discovered the big area of web technlogy at an early age, when he started to design and involve himself on different projects related to online content creation. When he started his college education he realized the potential of web development, and since there he is on web development.

    Among other hobbies, we can find software development (desktop apps and games), participating on some GameJams, emphasizing on AI technics investigation. You can find him on Twitter (@rellikcc) or on his mail address (rellikiox@gmail.com).

  • Joan Albert Laso

    Computer Science student at the University of Alicante. He had his first computer in 1995, and since then he has been interested in computers. He has developed applications in different platforms and with different languages, such as, C# in .Net, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Scheme, Fortran, C and C++. Although he is interested in different fields of computer science, currently he has put his expectations in web development.

    His hobbies, besides computers, are all kinds of sports, music, and movies. He uses his holidays to travel whenever it is possible, and one of his favorite destinations is his village in Asturias.

    You can find more information about him in his web page JLaso.es. You can also find him on Twitter @joanlaso.